Stratadent 5WD

Dental Milling Machine

Technical Highlights :

  •  5-axis simultaneous machining
  •  Computer optimised machine structure
  •  High Precision Harmonic gear boxes for angular axes
  •  Vibration free milling due to rigid column design
  •  High-performance Jaeger HF spindle up to 60,000 RPM
  •  Integrated cooling circuit with cooling nozzles for wet milling
  •  High-performance servo motors on all axes
  •  Highly powerful PC based controller
  •  Spindle Air purge system and compressed air for tool declamping
  •  Silent suction unit to extract powder resulting from milling
  •  Processing of zirconium dioxide, PMMA, wax, resin and glass ceramics
  •  Tool wear compensation / breakage control
  •  Easy integration with any scanner producing .STL output

FKCCI MSME Innovation Excellence Award 2017

Award Won for Stratadent 5WD