1. Measurement Sensor

HL-G1 Measurement Sensor:

  • Resolution of 5µm
  • an integrated display for monitoring measurement results, status and settings
  • 3 transistor outputs, 2 analog outputs and serial output (high-functionality type)
  • Specular reflection type for Shiny
  • Advanced model Controller with RS485 Communication


HG-S Measurement Sensor

  • Resolution : 0.1µm
  • Easy to use 2 line digital display controller
  • Class scale : Absolute type
  • Double Ball bearing
  • Robust Measuring head
  • Analog output for transfer to PLC


2. Photoelectric Sensor

  • Optical sensors with long sensing range
  • Available as
    • Through Beam
    • Retroreflective
    • Diffuse Reflective type


Detection of LED Lead:

Application : Presence

Industry : Automatic


Controlling Edge of Sheet:

Application : Presence

Industry : Rubber/ Plastic

3. Fibre‌ ‌Sensor‌

  • Where Space is an big constraint
  • Wide range of fiber heads depending on purpose location


Sensing the Presence of Candy Wrappers:

Application : Presence

Industry : Pharmaceutical and Food Processing / Packing

Detecting a bottles in chemical filler:

Application : Presence

Industry : Pharmaceutical and

Food Processing / Packing

4. Pressure‌ ‌Sensor‌

  • Dual Display
  • Low pressure for vacuum sensing -1Bar to 1 bar
  • Regular for high pressure upto 10bar
  • Analog out function
  • Easy setting any function

5. Light Curtain Sensor

  • Type 2/4 safety standards
  • Compact and Robust type
  • PNP/NPN configuration in same controller


Safeguard for special purpose machines:

Application: Safeguard 

Industry : Automobiles

Safeguard for Press machine:

Application: Safeguard

Industry : Metal Processing

6. U-Shaped‌ ‌Micro‌ ‌Photoelectric‌ ‌Sensor‌

  • Simple small size photoelectric sensor
  • Reliable replacement for limit switch
  • Available in varies size and mounting


Determining the Pallet Position:

Application: Positioning

Industry : Automatic Assembly /Mounting

Sensing The Rotating Bodies:

Application: Presence

Industry : Automatic Assembly / Mounting

7. Area‌ ‌Sensor‌ ‌/‌ ‌Bin‌ ‌Picking‌ ‌Sensor‌

  • No synchronization wires required
  • Switchable output operation
  • Easy alignment
  • Flexible cable orientation
  • Sensor protection brackets available
  • Sequence can be programmed from PLC