Motors for Ventilators for Covid 19 emergency


In the recent past, we have received numerous enquiries from manufacturers who wish to manufacture ventilators to meet the national emergency to fight Covid 19. We are not privy to any of the designs but in the National Interest, we wish to offer the below options as motors that could be used in Ventilators. The manufacturer is advised to study the datasheets of the motors and drives and decide which motor is best suited to their design. Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt.Ltd. does not make any claim to the suitability of these motors for Ventilators nor does it take responsibility that these motors will conform to the needs of the application. The manufacturer must take overall responsibility for the performance of the Ventilator.



Note: Stock position listed is as on Apr 10th 2020. For exact stock position and any other techno commercial clarifications, please call Mr.Harish Menon, Director on 99020-63851/63617-40015.