Machine Tending Robots-Your Reliable Buddy

Machine Tending Robots-Your Reliable Buddy

You may have heard these terms many a times  :CNC machine tending ,robotic machine tending. The terminology being used is pretty much the exact action that is being performed .But do you know what exactly it means and how it is done?

Robot Tending is an automated process of tending a machine -typically a CNC(Computer Numeric Control machine). This process involves loading of components and unloading of finished parts  which is currently done by humans .This process can get quite complex at times .You may have heard of industries using robots to do menial jobs like emptying injection moulding machines. But have you ever  thought of deploying robots when the cycle time is important and production is running round the clock .Our machine tending robots can be of great use here  .With drastic improved uptime ,the only time you would need to stop the robot is for regular maintenance. This increase in  uptime can  lead to significant improvement in productivity .

There are lot of factors limiting MSMEs in investing in robots. One of them being a preconceived notion that robots are only for large batch volumes. Our Machine Tending Robots are flexible and easy to use . This means that even a small batch production run can be   accomplished by our robot . Adding a robot to your operations can never get more affordable.

In addition to increased throughput, our Machine Tending Robots are accurate and repeatable. 

“But robots are hard to program “ is something you would hear very often .With our touch screen teach pendant , programming is no less than a snap , even for a novice robot user . Also our robot can be reprogrammed in a few minutes ,which means that your worker can focus on quality assurance and decision making instead of manually loading and unloading the components.

Our robots can be operated in two modes- Manual and Auto Mode which makes it easier to bypass or re-run any step in the process . IOT connectivity feature makes  remote monitoring possible .

“Robots are taking away jobs”  is another phrase you would hear more often. Well, how many minimum wage employees do you have who can load and unload components for years? And how long does it take for you to find another employee if one leaves . Its possible, you may need more machine tools, more employees to use said tools, and even more employees to sell and market the capabilities of your products”. But our robot can be redeployed for another loading/unloading job once the assigned task is completed. That’s a good return on investment .

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