High Precision Reduction Gearboxes

Features :

> Less than 1 arc.min. backlash
> Ratio range from 11:1 to 258:1
> Rated output torque from 58 N.m to 8,820 N.m
> Wide product models
> RV Series (OEM model for Robots)
> RD2 Series (General purpose gearheads)
> Compact & high performance
> High reliability

Applications :

> Welding Positioners
> Automatic Tool Changers
> Heavy Index turn tables
> Robotic Arm

Features Benefits
High shock load capability by pin & gear structure Low risk of breakage
Built-in main bearing Adjustment free & Easy assembly
High rigidity by both side support structure Minimum vibration
2 stage reduction structure Compact
Ready-to-use gearhead models (Pre-greased) Cost reduction in design & assembly