Press Tending Robots

2021  FKCCI MSME Innovation Award Winner

The Press Tending Robot was designed, manufactured and Installed by Strategi Automation to load and unload Motor Stampings to a Hydraulic Press. The Input Component should be loaded to the press with a specific orientation.


The Press Tending Robot comes with a custom-built Input loading carousel that can handle 60 components leading to an unmanned operation of 20 minutes, when fully loaded. The Input Carousel is so designed that it can be loaded even while the Robot is working. This ensures uninterrupted running of the Robot.


After stamping the parts are picked from the press and unloaded into a sheet metal tray. They are also automatically collated into groups of 4 for the operator to collect from the output tray.

The key advantages for the customer from the Press Tending Robot by Strategi Automation are

Experience an improved
productivity of 30%.

No need of skilled labour to operate the press.
No need to dedicate one operator per press.

Enhanced operator safety as the operator is no longer operating the press directly.

Press Tending Robots (PTRs) For Cold Forge Presses

PTRs load and unload components from a Cold Forge Press.