Employee Engagement during COVID

Birthday Celebrations of one of our employees

As the world was battling the pandemic, We at Strategi continued to keep our employees engaged in these challenging times. Our HR department emphasized on the need to balance family and  household priorities with work. To help employees cope with stress and anxiety , a wide range of activities were organized.

Employee birthdays and wedding anniversaries were celebrated with great enthusiasm over video calls. Employees also took up online courses, which were sponsored by the company. Some of the courses which they took up were six sigma, people management, marketing analytics and segmentation, innovative leadership, effective business communication to name a few.

In order to ensure that there is knowledge transfer, every employee prepared  a PPT which was later uploaded on the Learning Management System, a platform which every employee had an access to .

Weekly quizzes were conducted on topics like strategy and technology.

The most anticipated quiz was “Know your employee”- a quiz which tested a employee’s knowledge of their co-worker. Apart from these activities, online talent show for family members kept our employees engaged and entertained.