AC Servo Motors And Digital Servo Drives

AC Servo Motor


> Best for applications that require stable speed control, precise positioning, quick response and accurate torque control.
> Very compact, rugged and reliable.
> From 0.023Nm rated torque to 95.5Nm rated torque.
> Rated speeds 1000 to 3000 rpm.
> Peak speeds from 2000 to 6000 rpm.
> Low, Medium and High Inertia models.
> IP 67 class.
> 17 bit absolute / incremental encoders with fail safe electromagnetic brakes
> CE and UL rated.

Digital Servo Drives

> Very compact
> Can be run on 220V 50Hz, Single phase Input upto 1500W.
> Can do Position, Speed and Torque control.
> Standard +/- 10V Analog interface, Pulse & Direction interface and quadrature encoder input interface.
> Built in 16 internal positions and 16 internal speeds functions
> Shortened in position time.
> Windows based communication software with RS232 & RS485 capability.
> Vibration suppression functions and auto gain tuning capabilities.
> Various network options available like CANopen & EtherCAT.


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