Features :


> Compact, Silent and Reliable AC geared motors from 6 Watts to 200 Watts.
> Low noise — achieved through accurately machined Helical Gears immersed in a grease bath.
> Compact square frame sizes from 60mm to 104mm.
> Available as single phase & three phase induction motors, single phase reversible motors, motors with terminal boxes.
> UL rated motors, Electromagnetic Brake Motors and Variable Speed Motors. > Motors are 4 pole.
> Can be fitted with gear heads of ratio from 3:1 to 2000:1.
> Ball bearing gear heads have a life of 5000 hours while metal bearing gear heads have a life of 2000 hours at rated load @ 8 hours per day.
> Maximum permissible output torque is 400kg-cm.

Specifications :

> For single phase 220V variable speed motors upto 90 watts.

> Internal speed changer.

> External speed changer and controls available.

> Compact SP plug-in configuration.

Applications :

> Conveyors

> Brush Box in Blister Packing Machines

> Unwinder in blister packing machine

> Screw feeder in paper

> Screw feeder in pellet Stoves