Stepper Motors


2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motors, 200 steps/ turn , 1.8 Degree/step.

High torque in compact package.

Available from 0.24NM to 19.0 NM Holding Torque.

Available Frame sizes from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42.

Stronger torque generated in higher speed zone.

High Torque/Weight ratio.

Double end shaft available as option.

Gearboxes and Encoders are options.

High torque , low vibration & low noise.

Lower vibration by increased stiffness of body construction.

Stepping motors complying with UL & EN standards are available upon request.


Machine Tools, Coil winding, Packaging machines, Labeling machines, Pharmaceutical machines, Printing machines, X Y tables, Textile machines, Gantries, Pick and Place units, Robotics, Laser marking and cutting machines.

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