AC Servo Motors And Digital Servo Drives


Best for applications that require stable speed control, precise positioning, quick response and accurate torque control.

Very compact, rugged and reliable.

From 0.023Nm rated torque to 95.5Nm rated torque

Rated speeds 1000 to 3000 rpm

Peak speeds from 2000 to 6000 rpm

Low, Medium and High Inertia models

IP 67 class

17 bit absolute / incremental encoders

With fail safe electromagnetic brakes

CE and UL rated.


Very compact

Can be run on 220V, 50Hz, Single phase Input upto 2000W

Can do Position, Speed and Torque control

Standard +/- 10V Analog interface, Pulse & Direction interface and quadrature encoder input interface.

Single axis positioning drives are also available.

Shortened in position time.

Windows based communication software with RS232 & RS485 capability.

Vibration suppression functions and auto gain tuning capabilities.

>Various network options available like CANopen & EtherCAT.

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